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Father and Son Az - PPC Account Management

The Client

Father and Son offers low cost, quality moving services throughout Arizona. Father and Son has been serving Arizona for over 15 years.

The Problem

Father and Son approached Lurus with a goal of increasing the number of moving and storage leads generated via their website. They were looking for a complete package including a website redesign, search engine optimization and a Google Pay Per Click Campaign.


Lurus designed a new and improved website with the number goal of increasing Father and Son's on line lead generations. The Lurus solution included:

  • A complete website redesign
  • A new online lead generation tool that was integrated into Father and Sons existing account management system
  • A Google PPC campaign including optimized ads, landing pages, and daily spending targets
  • A methodology for tracking the ROI for their ad spending


Throughout the campaign Lurus worked to maximize the number of on-line leads generated within a daily spending target. To do this Lurus worked to significantly improve ad click through rate (CTR) performance as well as landing page conversion rates.

Lurus conducted weekly design of experiments to improve landing page effectiveness as well as experiments to determine what ads were most effective in getting visitors to the site. Lurus also created over 100 seperate campaign focusing on local and city search results.

Lurus also coupled their PPC campaign with a SEO campaign focused on both on and off page optimization and inbound link building.

The bottom line is over the course of the campaign Father and Sons AZ saw the number of generated online leads increase by over 300%.

Client: Father and Son AZ
Service: Google PPC Account Management
Results: Increase number of online leads 300%, increase ad CTR by over 1000%
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